The Comedian’s Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 7 - Jordan Gray

June 26, 2019

Welcome, chum, to episode 7 with my guest this week, Jordan Gray.

This one is an absolute treat with some really fun chats, some serious bits and some truly silly bits. It's quintessential TCTPWSD! Jordan is a pop music artist turned comedian and is very quickly making a name for herself for good reason. We discuss things all the way from Pokemon to threesomes to what is scientifically the best biscuit for dunking in a slightly longer than normal, but brilliantly fun and engaging chat.

Thanks, as ever to Teapigs for supplying the tea for this episode, it was all nice, but see what we particularly think in the pod.

You can follow Jordan at;

I - @Talldarkfriend
T - @Talldarkfriend
W -

Or probably anywhere else you can find comedians and pop stars on the internet... Google? Just Google her.

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Don't forget to check out going on until 14th July with a fantastic line-up remaining.

Until the next one, be good, big love and keep drinking tea.


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